What's the reason why Jasmine doesn't bloom

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-02-06 12:37:55
There are several reasons why Jasmine can't bloom: if the nutrition of the plant can't keep up, it needs to add nutrition; if the illumination is not enough, it needs to increase the illumination; if the branches and leaves are too lush, it needs to prune the plant properly; if the pH of the soil can't meet the growth of the plant, it needs to change the soil.

Lack of nutrients

1. Reason: the plant will store a lot of nutrition before it is ready to bloom. If the nutrition can't keep up, the plant can't bloom.

2. Solution: when the plant is about to bloom, it is necessary to supplement enough nutrients in advance, which can increase the amount of fertilizer and the frequency of fertilizer application.

2. Lack of light

1. Cause: this kind of plant belongs to the long sunshine plant, which is suitable for growing in the south, because the South has enough light, if the light does not meet the needs of the plant, it will cause the plant can not bloom.

2. Solution: increase the light properly, and often put the plant in the sunny place.

No trimming

1. Reason: the branches and leaves of the plant are too luxuriant, the nutrition of the plant will be unevenly distributed, so the plant will not bloom.

2. Solution: properly remove the redundant branches and leaves to ensure the uniform distribution of nutrition and the supply and demand of nutrition before flowering.

4. The soil is too alkaline.

1. Reason: this kind of plants like the acid soil. If the soil can't meet the growth habit of the plants, it will also cause the plants can't bloom.

2. Solution: first, determine whether the soil is acid soil. If not, change the soil to acid soil, or adjust the soil to acid soil with conditioning solution. In addition, the acid-base degree of the land will change with the external factors, so it is necessary to measure whether the land is acid soil at a fixed time. As long as it does not conform to the growth habits of plants, the soil should be adjusted to be acid according to the above methods.


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