What reason does Phalaenopsis bine become yellow, how is bine rotted treated?

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The difficulty of planting live orchids in summer is very high, but as long as the method is correct, it can also be successfully planted alive. If you want to plant orchids in summer, you should pay attention to planting in a cool environment without strong light. When planting, we should use a substrate with good air permeability and sufficient fertility. After planting, it should be placed in a ventilated, semi-shady cool environment, timely spray moisturizing, to help it survive.

1. what causes the stem of Phalaenopsis to turn yellow

1. Improper watering: If the Phalaenopsis is frequently watered during the maintenance period, it is easy to accumulate water if the amount of water is too large, so that the root system will slowly rot and the stem will easily turn yellow.If they are not treated quickly, they will deteriorate and the plants will die.

2. Infection: If the environment provided at ordinary times is not suitable, the plant is easy to be infected with bacteria, and the stem will turn yellow.It should be pruned as soon as possible, and disinfection should be done to avoid withering and death of plants.

3. Improper fertilization: More nutrients are consumed during the growth period, and timely fertilization should be supplemented.When applied, thin, decomposed fertilizer should be selected and adjusted according to the growth situation.If the thick fertilizer or raw fertilizer is applied, it is easy to burn the rhizome and turn yellow.

4. Too strong light: too strong light is also one of the reasons for the yellowing of its stem.Long-term exposure to strong light can easily lead to sunburn and yellowing.Attention should be paid to shading treatment in summer.

2. Phalaenopsis stem rot how to treat

Phalaenopsis stem rot should be treated as soon as possible.To deal with the pot, cut off the rotten stems, cut off the part to focus on burning, clean up.After disinfection, the plants were soaked in carbendazim solution for a while, and the wounds were smeared with plant ash, dried and repotted.

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