Phalaenopsis leaves what is the reason for cracking, leaf folds become soft.

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
It is not recommended to transplant orchids in summer. If you want to transplant, it is recommended to do it in spring or autumn. If orchids must be transplanted in summer, attention should be paid to transplanting in an environment where the temperature is between 10-30 C and there is no strong light. After transplanting, it should be placed in a warm, semi-shady, ventilated environment to maintain, and so on. Don't let it be exposed to strong light, or it may grow poorly.

1. Reasons for Phalaenopsis leaf cracking

1. Air drying: It likes to grow in a slightly humid environment. If the surrounding environment is too dry, the moisture contained in the leaves will be reduced, and it is easy to crack slowly if it can't absorb the moisture.Therefore, when the climate is dry, we should spray water around frequently to increase the humidity of the air and promote more vigorous growth.

2, caused by pests: Phalaenopsis leaves have cracking phenomenon, is likely to be caused by pests.When there are pests, pests will gnaw its leaves, and there will be wounds on the leaves, which will crack.After discovery, we must spray as soon as possible, spray targeted drugs to eliminate pests, so that the new leaves will not crack in the later period.

3. Artificial damage: The leaves of Phalaenopsis are very fragile. If the leaves are damaged carelessly during management, they will turn over and crack.We should pay attention to the management work and let its leaves heal slowly.

2. how to deal with the soft folds of Phalaenopsis leaves

Its leaf folds become soft, probably because of too much watering, the breathing of the root system will be blocked by too much water, and the leaves will become soft and wrinkled after a long time.We should stop the water first, turn the soil deeply and let the water evaporate as soon as possible.It may also be the lack of light, long-term in the hidden environment leaves will become soft, to cut off the withered and soft branches and leaves, move to the light, strong light when shielding on the line.

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