How does iris flower drop a leaf to handle, drop the reason of the leaf?

Gustavo Fring
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Although the temperature is very high in summer, the sun is very strong, but as long as you pay attention to it, you can plant live roses in summer. Summer planting is best to choose the form of potted plants, do not plant in the open sun, avoid the high temperature period at noon, do not insolate after planting, put in the shade for maintenance, the survival rate will be higher. If you want to choose the right planting time, you can choose to plant in spring and autumn, the temperature of these two seasons is more suitable, the survival rate will be higher.

1. Reasonable visibility

Reason: Iris is suitable for growing in a semi-shady environment. It cannot stand strong light. Once it is exposed to strong light, it may burn the leaves, causing the leaves to turn yellow and dehydrate, and then fall down.

Solution: When raising irises, be sure to pay attention to the light, move the irises to the shade for maintenance after seeing strong light, properly shade, spray water and mist on the plants, increase the humidity of the air, and promote the recovery of the plants.

2. Natural metabolism

Reason: Iris growth has a natural cycle, when after a period of growth cycle, the leaves will naturally yellow and fall.

Solution: This is a normal phenomenon and belongs to natural metabolism. In this case, you do not need to do more treatment, and you only need to continue maintenance.

3. Adjust watering

Reason: In the process of maintenance, watering is also very critical, too little watering will lead to drought and water shortage, causing leaves to yellow and fall off.If you water too much, it will lead to root water, causing rotten roots and leaves.

Solution: Iris does not need too much water, and does not like the humid growth environment, but can not lack water, so according to the growth needs of watering, but can not be excessive.


4. Control of plant diseases and insect pests

Reason: Poor maintenance may breed pests and diseases, which will cause problems on the leaves, resulting in yellowing and falling.

Solution: pay attention to good maintenance methods, do a good job of ventilation treatment, timely treatment of pests and diseases.

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