The reason that green treasure tree drops a leaf and solution, drop a leaf to still be chairman?

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The Jonquil should be pruned in the second week after blooming. Prune from under the first pair of leaves on the branch, not too far down, which will hinder the next year's flowering. Also prune branches and leaves, and cut off spindly branches, old branches and overlapping branches to save nutrients and help it recover as soon as possible. In addition, we should pay attention to the management after flowering, pay attention to temperature control, reduce watering, and apply appropriate nitrogen fertilizer.

1. the reasons for the emerald tree leaves and solutions

1, improper watering: It is likely to drop leaves improper watering, soil is too dry or serious water will cause such a situation, to reasonable watering.If it is too dry, water should be replenished as soon as possible to make the soil slightly wet.If the water is serious, we should drain as soon as possible, ventilate more, pay attention to reducing the amount of watering in the later period, and water reasonably according to seasonal changes.

2. Temperature discomfort: If the temperature is too high or too low when maintaining, it will grow poorly and the leaves will fall easily.Pay attention to temperature control.Summer more ventilation, ground sprinkler to provide the environment below 27 degrees, winter should be moved indoors, the lowest temperature is guaranteed to be above 8 degrees.

3, the light is too strong: it likes half shade environment, not strong light.If the plant is exposed to direct or strong light for a long time during the growth period, it will be sunburned, and the leaves will turn yellow and fall.It should be moved to a semi-shady place as soon as possible, and sprayed with water to help it recover.Pay attention to the bright light and avoid it.

Emerald Tree

2. the emerald tree leaves will also grow?

If the fallen leaves of Emerald trees are caused by natural aging, they will grow new leaves, so don't worry too much.But if it is caused by the above situation, it is necessary to change the maintenance environment as soon as possible and provide a suitable environment, it may slowly recover and grow new leaves.

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