What to do with mushy succulents

Jesse Pinkman
2020-01-21 09:12:24
Succulent water is caused by excessive water or moisture, which causes leaf and rhizome to rot. transparency disappears finally. Proper P and K fertilizer shall be applied to improve self resistance. When watering, appropriate bactericides shall be added into the water to purify the internal environment of the soil, increase appropriate light, and strengthen ventilation.

Succulent water

To put it simply, hydration means that excessive or moist water causes the leaves and roots to rot, become transparent and finally disappear. The popular point is to say that the succulent plants that are full of water expand and contract in the state of high temperature and break the cell wall. At this time, the leaves of succulent plants become transparent from bottom to top, which is called water.

At this time, if we don't deal with it urgently, the mold will enter, and it will naturally black rot! The light one is only the transparent water of the bottom leaves, and the heavy one is spreading all the leaves from the root and stem, so at this time, we can only behead or discard them completely. Especially in the summer, the rainfall is relatively sufficient, if not properly maintained, it is likely to cause chemical water problems.

How to do more meat and water?

Treatment method of succulent water

Fertilization and sterilization

Before summer, the high temperature is still in the coming season. We should add some p and K fertilizer to meat to improve its resistance.

When watering, adding some fungicides into the water can purify the internal environment of the soil, reduce the source of bacteria in the soil, and effectively inhibit the fleshy water.

Replenish the light and control the watering.

Increase proper and necessary lighting and bottom ventilation to accelerate internal metabolism and nutrient exchange. Before rainy days, water should be controlled in advance. In case of continuous rainy days, artificial light supplement can be considered.

Timely ventilation

The most important thing in summer is to do well in ventilation. For succulent plants, you can spread some volcanic rocks on the soil surface, so that the leaves are not easy to rot.

what to do with fleshy water

Succulent water is a warning for meat lovers. Don't just watch the appearance of succulent and silly, and ignore the environment. In order to breed more meat, the flower friends should pay attention to the breeding season. Improper operation will lead to more meat and water.

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