Orchids yellow leaves

Hank Schrader
2020-04-02 17:37:29
Too much light: high intensity sunlight may burn the orchid and make it yellow. At this time, it is necessary to move it to a half shade, maintain ventilation, cut off yellow leaves, and so on. Too much water: over watering can cause it to turn yellow. At this time, it is necessary to take it out of the basin, cut off rotten roots and yellow leaves, and then plant it with new soil. Too much fertilizer: the application of heavy fertilizer may cause it to turn yellow. At this time, the surplus fertilizer in the soil should be washed away with water, and then the fertilization should be suspended until it recovers.

I. the light is too strong

1. Reason: orchids are more suitable to grow in a half shade environment than in a well lit environment. If the place where it is raised has strong sunlight, it may be sunburned to make it appear yellow leaves.

2. Treatment method: move the sunburned plant to a half shade place and keep the ventilation. Then cut off the leaves that have turned yellow, and wait for them to grow new leaves.

2. Too much water

1. Cause: orchids are relatively delicate and cannot grow normally in the substrate with water accumulation. If too much water is poured during maintenance, the substrate will be waterlogged and rotten, and yellow leaves will appear.

2. Treatment method: first take the plant out of the original flowerpot, and cut off all rotten roots and yellow leaves on it with scissors. Then plant it in the new soil without water, stop watering for a while, wait for it to recover

3. The fertilizer is too thick.

1. Reason: it likes fertilizer, but does not like concentrated fertilizer, because it may burn its root system. If the concentration of flower fertilizer applied to it is too high during curing, it may hurt its root system and cause its leaves to turn yellow.

2. Treatment method: first wash off the remaining flower fertilizer in the soil with water, then put it in the ventilated place to dry the soil, and then temporarily stop applying fertilizer for a period of time, wait for it to recover.

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