What to do if the leaves turn yellow? What if the leaves dry up

Hank Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The efficacy of kapok is mainly reflected in four aspects. First, it can dispel dampness, soak fresh flowers, add appropriate amount of sugar, or use crucian carp soup to drink, the effect is also very good. Second, it can regulate the intestines and stomach, it can improve digestion and help absorb nutrients. Third, it can clear heat and detoxify, which belongs to cool nature and is suitable for drinking in summer. Fourth, it can improve people's immunity and is good for health.

1. how to deal with the yellow leaves of the banana

1. Increase the light: The yellow leaves of the red banana may be caused by insufficient light.At this time, it needs to be moved to a place where scattered light is sufficient to supplement its light.If it is not convenient to move, you can also use lights to supplement its lighting.

2. Increase humidity: Zhu Jiao prefers humid environment.If it is raised in a dry environment with low humidity, it will grow poorly and have yellow leaves.At this time, it is necessary to maintain a certain ambient humidity by spraying water regularly.

3. Replace the potting soil: If the soil for raising it has been hardened, it will affect its absorption of nutrients and water from the soil, resulting in its yellow leaves.At this time, we should prepare some soft, breathable new soil, take it out of the original soil, and plant it into the new soil for maintenance.

2. how to deal with the dry leaves of the red banana

1, reduce the sun: Zhu Banana leaves dry may be because it was too strong direct light burns.At this time, it is necessary to cut off the sunburned leaves, and then move it to a ventilated, semi-shady place for maintenance, and so on.

2. Lower the temperature: Zhu Jiao likes warmth, but does not like heat.If the temperature is very high in summer, more than 30 degrees Celsius, it may not be able to adapt, there is a problem of dry leaves.At this time, we should properly shade and ventilate, and find ways to reduce the temperature around it to below 30 degrees Celsius.

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