What reason is orchid leaf hair is yellow, how should handle?

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Convallaria planting and maintenance of soil requirements, it is best to provide suitable soil, in order to make convallaria grow vigorously and vigorously. The soil used should ensure permeability, but also rich in nutrients, and the requirement is slightly acidic soil, can choose sandy soil containing nutrients. There are many ways to mix soil, such as mixing river sand, pastoral soil and humus soil, and then adding appropriate amount of organic fertilizer, so that the soil prepared meets the growth needs.

1. Too much light

1. Reason: Except for a few species such as Cymbidium, most orchids do not like strong light.If they are raised in a place with high light intensity, their leaves will be sunburned and turn yellow.

2. Treatment method: At this time, the completely yellowed leaves on the plant should be cut off with scissors.Then, move it to a place with good ventilation and no bright light, or use a shade net to shade it.After a period of time, it can be restored.

2. Temperature too low

1. Reason: Orchids like warmth and are not particularly hardy.If the plant is kept in a particularly cold place for a long time, it will cause it to grow poorly and its leaves will turn yellow.

2. Treatment method: First move the orchid to a place where the temperature is between 18 and 25 , and then appropriately increase the time for it to be illuminated, and wait for it to recover.

3. Lack of moisture

1. Reason: If you don't water the orchid for a long time and make it lack of water, it may cause its leaves to turn yellow.

2. Treatment method: At this time, water it in time.First irrigate thoroughly, irrigate the flower soil completely, but do not let the soil produce water.Then increase the frequency of watering appropriately to replenish water for it.

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