jade plant leaves yellow how to return a responsibility, what is the solution?

Skyler White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Although Yushu is a light-loving plant, but not the stronger the better, it can not withstand strong light exposure, strong light exposure, will lead to leaves burned yellow, affecting growth, will also affect the beauty. Once the situation of yellowing occurs, it is necessary to transfer the maintenance position and move to the shade to promote recovery. Yushu leaf yellowing is not only the cause of strong light, water, fertilizer, pests and other factors will also affect.

1. Insufficient light

Reason: The growth of Yushu needs sufficient light supplement, so enough sunlight should be guaranteed. If it is in a dark environment for a long time, if the light is too weak, it will not be able to absorb the sunlight, causing the growth to be weak, which will lead to problems in the leaves, and then lead to the yellow leaves falling.

Solution: If you lack sunlight for a long time, you should move your growth position, keep in a good light place, and receive sufficient astigmatism.

2. Overwatering

Reason: The leaves of Yushu are very thick and store a lot of water, so they do not need much water at ordinary times. If you are not careful when watering, it will lead to the problem of rotten roots caused by accumulated water in the basin, causing the leaves to turn yellow.

Solution: If you water too much, it will cause the leaves to be soft and yellow. Pay attention to watering at ordinary times, and control the dosage of one-time watering.Once the water is too much, you should stop watering and put it in a well-ventilated place to promote water evaporation.

3. Improper fertilization

Reason: Fertilization is also one of the reasons, long-term lack of fertilizer will lead to growth problems, resulting in yellow leaves.Excessive fertilization can also cause rotten roots and yellow leaves.

Solution: It is a plant that likes fertilizer very much, so it should be fertilized reasonably, and more fertilizer should be watered and diluted.

Yu Shu

4. Control of plant diseases and insect pests

Reason: If there is a problem with maintenance, it will also lead to pests and diseases, causing the leaves to turn yellow.

solution: pay attention to good ventilation, the emergence of pests and diseases, to cut off the morbidity of the leaves, timely spraying.

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