Will strong light cause the leaves of jade plant to turn yellow? Other factors

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2020-11-16 11:23:35
Rose growth process needs to go through vernalization, rose vernalization means that in the growth stage, to promote rose plants through low temperature environment, or through a higher temperature environment, so after the stimulation of temperature, can promote flower bud differentiation, thus growing bud. Before Chinese rose vernalization, we should select plants with flowering conditions, put them in a well-lit environment during the day, cover them with shading plastic bags in the evening, open them to see the light the next day, and operate repeatedly.

1. will it

Although Yushu is a light-loving plant, the stronger the light, the better. It cannot stand strong light exposure. Once it is exposed to the hot sun for a long time, the stimulating strong light will directly shine on the leaves, causing the leaves to be burned and turn yellow.Especially for the newly transplanted Yushu, it can not see strong light, at this time the growth is not stable, rashly see strong light will lead to plant dehydration, and even affect the growth of the plant.Once the situation of yellowing occurs, it is necessary to transfer the maintenance position and move to the shade to promote recovery.

2. Other Influencing Factors

1, too little light: not only strong light will lead to Yushu leaves yellow, the lack of sunlight will also cause yellow leaves, should be reasonable light.

2, excessive water: Yushu water itself is not much, once the excessive watering, will affect the rotten roots, water transport function is affected, the leaves will naturally yellow.Every time watering should be thoroughly watered, once watering too much, it is necessary to stop giving water in time to help water out.

3, improper fertilization: lack of fertilizer or fertilization too much, will have an impact on plant growth, causing the problem of yellow leaves.If there is a lack of fertilizer, it should be given in time to ensure the supply of nutrients, if there is too much fertilizer, it is necessary to control fertilization and water dilution in time.

4. Effects of plant diseases and insect pests: Plant diseases and insect pests are also one of the reasons. If you are not careful to catch plant diseases and insects, it will also cause the leaves to turn yellow.Can pay attention to good protection, after the emergence of timely spraying treatment.

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