How does leaf of butterfly orchid become yellow to do, how to return a responsibility?

Marie Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
To fertilize impatiens, we should choose suitable fertilizer seeds, but also pay attention to the frequency of application, according to the growth situation. If it is in the spring growing season, it is necessary to apply decomposed manure or compound fertilizer every half month. If it is in the pre-flowering or flowering stage, it is necessary to apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizers every ten days, so that it can grow vigorously with sufficient nutrients, and it also has the effect of prolonging the flowering period, and the flower color will be more beautiful.

1. Too much light

Reason: Light is very important for its growth.But if it is exposed to the sun for a long time, the plant will be sunburned.Because the light is too strong, the water on the leaves evaporates too fast, so there will be yellow leaves.

Solution: If the sun is yellow, must control the light.Reduce the time spent in the sun, but also reduce the intensity of light.In the middle of the day and in the summer when the light is strong, move the plant to the scattered light, and maintain it for a period of time to recover.

2. Lack of moisture

Reason: Phalaenopsis likes a slightly more humid environment, not drought tolerance.If the air humidity is too low, the soil is too dry, the leaves will slowly yellow, that is, the common drought yellow situation, the leaves will slowly thin.

Solution: If the drought caused by yellow, yellow leaves should be cut off.We should also supplement water, water the soil as soon as possible, and strengthen ventilation after watering, so as to alleviate the phenomenon of yellow leaves.

3. Root rot

Reason: its leaves yellow is likely to root rot off, once the root rot leaves will be soft, drooping, yellow.The root system can not absorb nutrients, and the leaves will be yellowed due to lack of nutrients.

Solution: If the root system is rotten, remove the pot and prune the rotten root.After pruning, it should be disinfected, dried and replanted with new soil.In addition, we should pay attention to the prevention work in the later period, use the soil with good drainage performance, and water properly to avoid the phenomenon of rotten roots.

Butterfly Orchid

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