The reason and treatment of Clivia's yellow leaf

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2019-12-20 08:12:48
The yellow leaves of Clivia may be caused by over watering. At this time, we should take it out of the basin, cut off the black roots and yellow leaves, and then plant it in a new soil without water. It may also be caused by strong light. At this time, first cut off the yellow leaves, and then set up a shading network for it, when the light is strong, shoot light for it. It may also be caused by excessive fertilization. At this time, the soil should be irrigated with clear water, and then stop water and fertilizer for a period of time, and wait for it to recover.

I. too much water

1. Reason: the root system of Clivia is fleshy root, very afraid of blisters. If the usual excessive watering, let it appear in the soil water, it will bubble its root system rotten, and then cause its leaves to turn yellow

2. Treatment method: take it out of the flowerpot first, and cut off the blackened root system and yellow leaves with scissors. Then plant it in the new soil without water, and stop watering for a while, wait for it to start growing again

2. Too much light

1. Reason: it likes to grow in the place with sufficient scattered light, not in the place with too strong light. If there is intense direct light in the place where it is raised, it may burn its leaves and make them yellow.

2. Treatment: first cut off the yellow leaves, and then build a shading net at the place where it is raised. When the light is very strong, use the shading net to block part of the sunshine for it

3. Excessive fertilization

1. Cause: excessive fertilization may cause flower fertilizer that cannot be absorbed in time to remain in the soil. They can cause damage to the root system of the plant and turn its leaves yellow.

2. Treatment method: first, use a large amount of clear water to irrigate the soil and wash off the residual flower fertilizer. Then leave it in a well ventilated place to dry. During the period, do not apply fertilizer or water until it returns to normal before resuming the supply of water and fertilizer

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