The reason and treatment of carnation yellow leaf

Marie Schrader
2019-12-16 11:07:32
Flower soil discomfort: lack of nutrients or too strong alkaline soil will lead to carnation yellow leaves. At this time, it needs to be replaced with a soft, breathable, slightly acidic new flower soil. Too much light: too much light can burn it, causing its leaves to turn yellow. At this time, we should put it in the half shade. Over watering: over watering can cause yellow leaves. At this time, it is necessary to take them out of the soil, cut off rotten roots and yellow leaves, and then plant them in new soil.

I. flower soil discomfort

1. Reason: if the flower soil with insufficient fertility and alkalinity is used for maintenance, or the flower soil has not been replaced for many years, it may appear yellow leaves because the soil is not suitable.

2. Treatment method: at this time, it is necessary to prepare some soft, breathable, slightly acidic flower soil. Then take the plant out of the pot and wash the roots, and plant it into the new flower soil for curing.

2. The light is too strong.

1. Cause: if it is cultured in a place with strong sunlight, and the high-intensity sunlight directly touches its leaves, it may cause it to appear yellow leaves.

2. Treatment method: first cut off the yellow leaves on the plant, and then put it in a half shade with good ventilation conditions for breeding. Soon, it will be able to grow new green leaves.

3. Too much water

1. Reason: its root system is very afraid of blisters. If it is watered too frequently, its root system may be damaged by blisters and rot, which will cause its leaves to turn yellow.

2. Treatment method: first take it out of the flower soil and cut off the rotten roots and yellow leaves on it. Then plant it into a new soil that is not easy to accumulate water, and then cure it slowly.

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