The cause and treatment of the yellow leaves of Aglaia odorata

Skyler White
2020-04-02 17:37:29
Lack of sunlight: a long lack of sunlight may cause the leaves of Aglaia odorataello to turn yellow. At this time, put it in a place with enough light to supplement the light. Soil discomfort: the soil is too alkaline or not soft enough to cause yellow leaves. At this time, it is necessary to replace it with weak acid soft new soil. Improper watering: improper watering during maintenance, leaving the soil too dry or wet may cause yellow leaves. At this time, increase or decrease the frequency of watering, and wait for it to recover.

I. lack of sunshine

1. Reason: Milan are very happy with the sunshine. It can be given direct light at any time other than noon in summer. This is good for its growth and flowering. If it lacks light for a long time, it may appear yellow leaves.

2. Treatment method: put the plant in a place with sufficient light and give it light. If it's not convenient to move, you can also use a desk lamp to fill it.

2. Soil discomfort

1. Reason: it likes to grow in weak acid soft soil. If the flower soil used for curing is not enough breathable or alkaline, it may also cause poor growth and yellow leaves.

2. Treatment method: it needs to be replaced. First of all, take off the pot and wash the roots of the plant, then remove the old soil in the pot, replace the weak acid soft new soil, and then plant the plant into it.

III. improper watering

1. Reason: it likes to grow in slightly wet soil. If the method of watering is wrong, and the soil is too dry or too wet, it may cause its leaves to turn yellow.

2. Treatment method: if the soil is too dry, it needs to be watered and the frequency of later watering should be increased. If the soil is too wet, you need to stop watering, and after it recovers, you need to reduce the frequency of watering.

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