Spindle flower

Skyler White
2020-08-31 11:00:03
Cornflower was originally a kind of wild flower. After years of cultivation, its wild nature is less, and gradually entered our family. Cornflower can not only be viewed, but also be diuretic, and the whole grass extract can be eye-catching. In addition, the oil content of achenes was 28%. Next, I will introduce the cornflower to you.

Another name of cornflower

There are many other names of cornflower, such as blue hibiscus, Cuilan, lychee, etc.

The habits of cornflower

Cornflower has strong adaptability and good maintenance, which is a good choice for family potted flowers.

Like sunshine, not resistant to humidity, must be planted in sunny, well drained places, or often due to humidity and death;

Relatively cold resistant, like cold and cool environment, avoid hot;

Like fertile, loose and well drained sandy soil.

The flower language of cornflower

The flower language of cornflower is: meet and happiness.

The appearance of cornflower is delicate and elegant, which also represents happiness.

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