How to solve the stink of pothos

Mike Ehrmantraut
2019-12-23 14:02:03
The odor of pothos is basically due to root rot, but the causes of rot may be different. If there is too much water, it needs to be taken out. Cut off rotten roots, apply a little bit of carbendazim, and then cultivate again; if the fertilizer is too thick, it is necessary to take out and trim rotten roots, wash basin soil with water, and then cultivate again; if the ventilation is not smooth, it is necessary to put it in a place with good air circulation to reduce air humidity.

I. drainage and scarification

Reason: Although the pothos can live with water, it doesn't mean that the more water, the better. For a long time, soaking in water will hinder the respiration of the roots, and bacteria will grow and cause them to rot, which will make them stink.

Solution: for the rotten roots caused by over watering, first of all, water should be drained. If there is no ponding, but the soil is too wet, the plant needs to be taken out and replaced with dry basin soil. Take out the plant to check the root, cut off the rotten root, and wipe a little carbendazim disinfection. If the soil moisture level is general, the appropriate loose soil can accelerate evaporation.

2. Diluted fertilizer

Reason: the demand for fertilizer is not so big, especially in autumn and winter. The accumulation of fertilizer will burn the roots and give off a bad smell.

Solution: if the fertilization concentration is high and the frequency is fast, the damage to the pothos is the biggest. It needs to be taken out of the basin in time to check the root rot and discard the whole plant if it is too serious. If it's not too serious, prune the rotten roots, and then replant them with the sterilized soil. If the fertilizer is not applied for a long time, the basin soil can be cleaned with water. If fertilizer has been applied for some time, it can be diluted with water

III. ventilation and dehumidification

Cause: if the environment is not well ventilated, the air quality will be reduced and diseases and insect pests will be easily caused. At the same time, the leaves are not breathing well, and lack of oxygen can also lead to odor.

Solution: put the pothos in the place with good air circulation. If the environment is humid, timely ventilation and dehumidification should be carried out to avoid breeding bacteria and causing various diseases.

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