How to prevent and control the flower branch blight of jasmine

Gustavo Fring
2020-02-12 10:06:17
Jasmine has a long flowering period, but it is often plagued by diseases and insect pests, which leads to rotten roots, yellowing, withering, fallen leaves and so on. Among them, branch blight is a harmful disease that plagues the growth and flowering of jasmine, so how to prevent and control it?

The symptoms and characteristics of jasmine stem blight

Branch blight is a common disease of jasmine. It is caused by improper maintenance of plants, which leads to the outbreak of fungal diseases. The spores of the pathogen spread gradually through the wind and rain. The growth terrain is low, the soil is sticky and heavy, and the fertilizer and water are missing. Areas with poor growth are extremely susceptible to disease.

At the early stage of plant disease, the growth trend gradually weakened, and the color of branches changed from yellow green to dark red or brown. At the later stage, the branches gradually turned white, dried up, and many small black spots appeared.

Jasmine blight

How to control the dead branch of jasmine

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In the early stage of the disease, spray 800 times of 50% thiophanate methyl and other chemicals for prevention and control. Spray once every 9-10 days or so, 2-3 times continuously.

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