How does powdery mildew treat, how to prevent?

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Nasturtium cultivation explosion pot, to provide suitable soil, choose rotten leaf soil, garden soil, sand, compost mixed according to the ratio of 4:4:1:1. Put it in a well-lit place to breed, ensure full illumination in winter and proper shade in summer. It likes warmth, and the suitable temperature for growth is about 18-24 degrees Celsius. Nasturtium growth period should pay attention to reasonable watering, dry period to spray water on the leaves regularly. Apply sufficient bottom fertilizer before potting, and apply fertilizer every month during vigorous growth period.

1. how to treat powdery mildew

1, how to distinguish: powdery mildew disease as its name, the morbidity of the plant leaves will be covered with white powder, not only will affect the plant face value, but also affect the growth of the plant, disease occurs serious, the plant leaves will appear on a large number of white spots.

2, medicament prevention and cure: When the disease happens relatively light, can take soft cloth to dip in a bit of water, brush off white powder, when the disease happens badly, want the leaf with serious morbidity to cut off, with triadimefon and triadimefon are sprayed to the flower in turn, after spraying medicament, want to notice to conserve environmental ventilated.

3, folk prescription prevention and cure: The flower friend that does not want to use medicament, can dig a spoon sodium bicarbonate with earpick, add 50ml clear water, every other 2 days give the leaf of morbidity to gush is applied, after gush is applied, wait a hour, gush with clear water again, prevent sodium bicarbonate density big burn seedling.

2. how to prevent powdery mildew

1, ground ventilation: Not only is powdery mildew, for most diseases, maintenance of the environment is not ventilated, is the main cause of plant morbidity, so we in the home flower, must ground windows ventilation, prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases.

2. Carbendazim: Spring and summer are the seasons with high incidence of powdery mildew. Carbendazim can be sprayed on the plants every half month to prevent the disease. For those who do not have carbendazim, onion water (onion chopped and soaked in water) can also be sprayed on the plants to prevent the disease.

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