Cyclamen pest control, there are several diseases.

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Spring crab cactus orchid needs to be potted, specifically in March and April after blooming every year, when the climate temperature is suitable, potting can not only reduce damage, but also promote faster recovery. If the maintenance time is long and the pot is not turned over, the growth space will be insufficient, the soil will be easy to harden, which will hinder the growth, and may even lead to the phenomenon of less or no flowering. In addition, we should pay attention to the method of turning pots.

1. Common Diseases

1. Botrytis cinerea: During the maintenance period, if the soil is frequently watered or excessively watered each time, the soil is wet or even stagnant for a long time, and the ventilation environment is poor, it is easy to be infected with Botrytis cinerea.When found, the diseased plants should be disposed of in time to avoid further infection.In addition, but also fungicides, can choose thiophanate methyl or carbendazim.

2. Virus disease: The virus disease is mostly caused by the fact that the soil planted is not disinfected or the bulbs are infected with germs. It must be handled as soon as possible after discovery.Note that the soil should be disinfected before planting, and the bulbs should be treated before planting.

3. Root rot: This disease is mostly infected in the seedling stage. After infection, the roots will soften and rot, and the plants will turn yellow and die.Attention should be paid to strengthening ventilation environment during management, controlling humidity well, and fertilizing regularly to strengthen its disease resistance.In addition, the early onset of morbidity to spray root rot Ning.


2. Common insect pests

There are many kinds of pests that Cyclamen is susceptible to, such as common aphids, thrips, mites, flies, scale insects and tide insects.Most of them are caused by improper management, which is placed in dark and airtight places for a long time during the management period, and high humidity is easy to infect.To change the maintenance environment, more ventilation, more sunshine.If necessary, spray treatment should be carried out to avoid continued infection.

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