Prevention and treatment of diseases and insect pests of crab cactus orchid, is it easy to infect diseases and insect pests?

Gustavo Fring
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Its seeds do not have dormancy, so the time can not be too long. It is difficult to germinate after sowing for a long time, and the rate of emergence will be greatly reduced. It is suggested that sowing should be done as soon as possible after harvesting, the sowing method is correct, the environment is appropriate, and the seedlings will emerge in half a month. If you want to store, pay attention to the storage environment, put it in a cool and dry place, so that the storage time may be longer.

1. Disease

1. Rot disease: Crab claw orchid is not easily infected with pests and diseases, but problems will occur if it is not properly maintained.If infected with rot disease, it will lead to decay of the three-edged sword part, which can be caused by many reasons, and this problem can also be caused by not paying attention to soaking in water during maintenance.If decay occurs, a sterilized knife should be prepared to cut off the decayed area, and then spray carbendazim solution for disinfection.

2. Anthracnose: This disease will mainly damage the stem nodes, affect the normal growth and reduce the aesthetics.Before planting, we need to do a good job of prevention, prepare potassium permanganate solution in advance, soak the plants for about an hour, and spray charcoal fumet wettable powder in time after morbidity.

3. Botrytis cinerea: After carelessly infected with Botrytis cinerea, it will harm flowers and stems and leaves, resulting in waterlogging rot.Found infected, promptly cut off the part of morbidity, every few days spraying times iprodione wettable powder, need to spray 3-4 times.

4. Other diseases: In addition to the above diseases, it may also be infected with leaf blight, root rot, leaf spot, etc.

2. Pests

1. Scale insects: The possibility of insect infestation is not great, and it is not very easy to be infected.The phosmet emulsifiable concentrate and the omethoate are continuously sprayed for 3 to 4 times when scale insects damage the leafy stems and the flower buds.

2. Aphids: They mainly harm flower buds and tender leaves, and can be killed by spraying with dimethoate emulsion and rapid killing.

Zygocactus japonicus

3, red spiders: pests will suck juice, resulting in weak growth.Ventilation can be strengthened, and decis and fenvalerate emulsion can be continuously sprayed for 3-4 times.

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