Impatiens easy to get what disease, easy to grow what worm

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The growth and maintenance of bayberry trees should provide suitable soil, which requires loose and breathable soil, good drainage, and can not grow in airtight soil. But also have a certain amount of nutrition, the soil should be rich in some nutrients, preferably containing humus. Red bayberry also has requirement to the pH value of the soil, suit to grow in acid soil, had better provide the acid sandy soil that loose and breathable contains humus.

1. impatiens easy to get what disease

1. Powdery mildew: Impatiens is susceptible to powdery mildew, especially when the temperature is high, the humidity is high and the planting density is too high.When morbidity mainly will harm the leaf blade and the young shoot part, the leaf blade will become withered, will distort.Management should be strengthened, diseased leaves should be pruned in time, and powder or carbendazim should be sprayed to eliminate diseases.

2, Brown spot disease: Brown spot disease is leaf spot disease, is also the main harm leaves, morbidity serious leaves will wither and yellow.After discovery, the diseased plants should be isolated, and carbendazim or chlorothalonil should be sprayed for treatment to avoid deterioration.

3. Damping off: This disease mainly harms the root and stem of the plant. The infected part will turn black. Once infected, the leaves will wither and dry up within a few days.When controlling, the diseased plants should be pulled out directly, and chlorothalonil should be sprayed.In addition, attention should be paid to the disinfection of seeds and soil in the later period of re-cultivation to avoid carrying pathogens.

Impatiens balsam

2. impatiens easy to grow what insects

Impatiens in the growth period if the environment is not comfortable, easy to long root knot insects, hawkmoth pests, whiteflies and so on.Once infected with pests, will seriously harm the growth of plants, found to spray as soon as possible, but also to change the maintenance methods to avoid re-infection.

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