What disease is there crack is on orchid leaf, how does leaf craze handle?

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Chlorophytum leaves dry, may be caused by inadequate watering, so the need for timely water, usually observed in the substrate surface dry, appropriate water supplement. It may also be caused by poor ventilation conditions, so it is necessary to properly ventilate every day to maintain good air conditions. It may also be caused by too strong sunlight, which can be remedied by shading, or by moving it directly to a cooler place.

1. what disease is there a crack on the orchid leaves

1. Cause of disease: If the orchid itself does not pay attention to the method, it is easy to be infected with some diseases. The diseases that cause leaf cracks may be leaf spot, downy mildew, etc. After being infected with such diseases, spots will appear on the leaves, which will lead to water shortage and withering, and then gradually crack from the middle of the leaves, resulting in cracks on the leaves.

2, the solution: After appearing these situations, needs to cut off the morbidity leaf, afterward acts the medicine to the disease, after the investigation is clear about any disease, prompt spraying treatment.

2. how to deal with leaf cracking

1. Prevention and control of insect pests: In addition to the causes of disease infection, the cracking of orchids may also be caused by insect pests, such as scale insects, which bite the leaves and cause the symptoms of cracking.Ventilation can be strengthened to prevent pests in advance, and pests can be caught manually in time after they are found, and then sprayed.

2. Alleviate fertilizer damage: If too much fertilizer is applied for a long time in the process of breeding, it will also cause fertilizer damage, resulting in leaf cracking.It is necessary to stop fertilizing immediately and then dilute it with clean water.

3. Avoid external damage: External damage may also lead to leaf cracking. Avoid heavy rain to prevent man-made collision.


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