How to deal with the soft and wrinkled leaves of crabmail

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-07-03 08:30:16
It is caused by many reasons. In case of improper watering, it shall be adjusted in time. If there is too much water, loosen the soil and let it evaporate as soon as possible. If there is less water, make up water properly. If the light is too strong, cover up in time. In addition, it will sleep in summer or after flowering, which is normal. Don't worry too much, just control water and stop fertilizing.

I. water properly

Cause: too much water or lack of water is easy to cause this phenomenon during maintenance. Too much watering will accumulate water, affect root respiration, cause slow growth or even rotten roots, and leaves will become soft. Too much water, too dry soil, its fleshy stem will dry, leaves will become soft and wrinkled.

Solution: if there is too much water, move it to a well ventilated place as soon as possible, loosen the soil, and let the water evaporate as soon as possible. In case of water shortage, make up water appropriately. Later, when the soil is found to be dry, make up water in time.

2. Reduce the light

Reason: it likes to disperse light and is suitable for growing in the environment of half Yin and half Yang. If often let it bask in the sun or strong direct sunlight, the leaves will be sunburned, appear soft and wrinkled.

Solution: pay attention to shade in time during maintenance, especially during strong light. More ventilation and water spraying are needed, so that this kind of phenomenon can be avoided

3. Normal phenomena

Reason: it will enter the dormancy period in summer or after each flowering. At this time, the growth rate will slow down, and the leaves will wilt and soften, which is a normal phenomenon.

Solution: if the phenomenon occurs during dormancy, don't worry too much, then control the water quantity and stop fertilization. After the dormancy period, the base of the stem will grow new stem pieces, which will strengthen the water and fertilizer management.

Zygocactus japonicus

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