How to deal with the falling leaves of Schefflera

Hank Schrader
2020-05-15 11:17:52
There are many reasons for the fall of leaves. If it is caused by light discomfort, it shall be moved to the room in time. In case of improper watering, more water shall be sprayed and less water shall be poured. If it is caused by temperature discomfort, it shall be cured in 15-25 degree environment. If it is caused by improper soil, the pH value shall be improved or the basin shall be changed. If infected by diseases and insect pests, insecticides or fungicides should be applied.

I. light discomfort

Cause: discomfort in light can cause the palm tree to lose its leaves. Mainly due to the strong summer sun or long time in the place of lack of light caused leaves.

Solution: when curing Schefflera wood in summer, it should be placed indoors around noon and on the balcony sooner or later. If it is put in the place with insufficient light for a long time, it should be moved to the place with bright light for maintenance for a period of time, and it will resume normal growth.

2. Improper watering

Cause: improper watering will cause the palm tree to lose its leaves. Too much water will cause rotten roots, or too little water will cause dry soil leaves.

Solution: put the palm wood in a bright and ventilated place for maintenance, spray more water and water less, until its new leaves grow out and then turn into normal maintenance

III. temperature discomfort

Cause: it may be caused by temperature discomfort. Cold at low temperature, heat at high temperature will cause defoliation.

Solution: put Schefflera wood in the environment of 15 to 25 degrees for maintenance can solve the problem of falling leaves


4. Improper soil

Cause: too alkaline or too viscous, airtight and impermeable will cause the Schefflera to lose its leaves.

Solution: when the alkalinity is too heavy, ferrous sulfate fertilizer water can be poured to improve the pH value, so that the alkalinity will weaken and become weak acid. When the viscosity is too heavy, it is necessary to change the basin or move the basin for ventilation to loosen the basin soil.

Five: disease and insect infection

Schefflera japonica

Cause: the infection of diseases and insect pests will also lead to the fall of the leaves of Schefflera.

Solution: catch insects or apply insecticides in case of insect damage. If it is a leaf disease, the affected leaf should be cut off. If the whole plant occurs, we need to spray bactericide.

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