Acute son raises these 6 kinds of flowers, grow fast, pop many, a pot can open 200 days!

Jane Margolis
2020-08-31 11:00:03
Huahua has a friend with an acute son. He speaks and does things with a strong spirit, especially pays attention to efficiency. Recently, he may be influenced by Huahua. He also wants to raise some flowers and plants and decorate his family. For such an efficient person, of course, he should recommend some long and fast varieties. He must not be careless.~

Blue snowflake

Lan Xuehua grows very fast. As long as there is sunshine and a string of flowers, flowers can be seen every day. Planting and potting can be done.

Blue snowflakes can bloom from May to October. It's cold and late in the south, and they can continue to bloom. According to the experience of flowers, there is no pressure on the land to the south of the Yangtze River, and it's more convenient to plant in the basin to the north of the Yangtze River. In winter, cut them and move them indoors for winter.

Blue snowflakes like light. It's OK to dry them in three rainy days. If you don't connect them, you can water them once. They will bloom in autumn. At the end of October and November, you can trim a little, cut the disordered branches short, and then add a compound fertilizer to prepare for winter.


Of course, the little Hibiscus explosion machine is also suitable for the people with acute symptoms. Because it's so crazy to bloom, it can't count. One by one, it can form a big flower tree.

The florescence of Hibiscus is mainly in spring and autumn, and it will open in summer. It's a little chilly in winter. It needs to be put indoors in the north, and it can be planted in the south where it won't snow in winter. But it's usually in the shape of a lollipop. It doesn't use a large flowerpot. It's OK to raise it indoors.

Little Hibiscus grows very fast. You need to have a haircut every time you open a bunch of flowers. Generally, it is pruned according to the shape of a ball. It can also be cut into a heart-shaped, bear shaped To achieve your gardening creativity.

Petunia hybrida

Raising flowers is a "long-term battle". If you are afraid to take care of it for too long, you can raise Petunia. You can also love flowering and popping. It's cheap. You can also collect seeds and cuttings. If you leave, you can also raise it.

Petunia's vitality is very strong. It will bloom all the time when it is placed on the balcony. However, it grows fast, so it's easy to "open its teeth and claws" no matter what. So when the flowers are almost blooming, it will start to cut into a ball shape, and soon generate more branches and explode into a ball.

As for the pruned branches, they can continue to be planted in the soil for cultivation. They take root very quickly. In autumn, the cuttings are put indoors for winter. Next year, they will continue to be pruned and topped. It is also a big flower ball, which grows endlessly.

Changchun flower

Changchun flower can bloom all the year round, the flower is exquisite and beautiful, and it does not attract insects or love to grow insects, which is very suitable for home or yard.

Changchun flower blooms so badly that sufficient light is indispensable. It is also drought resistant. If the pot soil is dried, it will be watered again. If it is watered more, it will grow in vain, and the long and thin branches will blossom less, so it is still strict.

Changchun flower can also be like Petunia. It can be pruned continuously. After each crop of flowers, it can be cut. The cut branches can also be cut. When winter comes, it can be moved indoors. Don't freeze, and it can rejuvenate in the next year.

Thousand head Chrysanthemum

How can a small chrysanthemum be lost in autumn? The one who loves to explode the most is qiantouju. It's said that qiantouju is the best one. If you keep a pot of flowers, it's not only "qiantouju", but also countless small flower bracts.

Qiantouju usually opens in autumn, with 1-2 stubbles. Some of them can open again in winter and spring. Because there are too many flower buds, it is necessary to ensure sufficient light, not too much water, not drench on the flower buds. If the ventilation is not good, it is easy to cover and fall off the flower buds.

After the first cut, all the flowers on the branches should be cut off. If the nutrition is enough, another cut can be made. In winter, we should also put it in the indoor sun for the winter. When we move out in spring, maybe we can bloom.


For the above flowers, they should be put indoors in winter in the north. It should be said that the ball flowers can be planted in the north. Tulips are the fastest and most guaranteed flowers. Although there are few flowers in a ball, the flowering period is 1-2 months longer.

The common tulips may be single petaled, but now there are also double petaled varieties. In winter (December January), there will be flowers in spring, and the appearance value is very high.

There is an open space at home. Don't leave it empty in winter. The effect of planting is very shocking!

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