Narcissus light long leaves do not blossom how to do, what reason is not blossoming?

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The irises bloom in the spring of the year, around April-June. Different regions have different climate environment, flowering time is not the same, time before and after the gap, the specific flowering time is determined according to the local climate environment. After flowering, the opening time of a single flower can last for about a week, and the flowering time of the whole plant can last for more than a month, so pay attention to the maintenance and management of the flowering period, so as to prolong the flowering time.

a poor ball quality

Reason: Narcissus leaves grow without flowering is likely to be the poor quality of the seed ball, germination ability is weak, less stored nutrients, even if the flower arrow will not blossom.

Solution: When planting, choose a plump, firm and elastic bulb, or choose a bulge on the side of the bulb, so that there will be more flower arrows germinating in the later period, which can promote faster flowering.

2. Unsuitable temperature

Reason: Daffodils are suitable for growing in a warm environment. If the temperature is too high or too low during the bud formation period, the flowers will be inhibited from blooming, and the situation of only growing leaves but not blooming will occur.

Solution: During the bud period, pay attention to the temperature control, the temperature can be controlled between 10 degrees and 15 degrees in the daytime, and the temperature at night can be maintained between 8 degrees and 10 degrees, so that the temperature environment can promote the daffodils to blossom better.

3. too much moisture

Reason: Daffodils are basically water-raised, but if they are in a wet environment all day, the water content will be too high, and there will be a phenomenon of only growing leaves but not buds.

Solution: During the period of water culture, the water should be poured out at night, a quarter of the original water should be poured out, and the water should be replenished the next day, so as to improve the probability of flowering and solve the phenomenon of non-flowering.


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