How does Campsis winter drop a leaf in great quantities to do, does winter need prune?

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Provide plenty of light: In the winter, it is recommended to be placed in a drug grass can be directly illuminated by the sun to raise. Prevent plant to get frozen: ought to will use drug grasses to be put in a temperature to be in 0 ℃ above place will raise. Temporarily stop pruning: winter, in addition to the poor growth of its branches and leaves to be cut off, other times do not need to be pruned. Reduce the frequency of watering: In winter, should also be appropriate to reduce the number of times to water poisonous weeds.

1. Chinese trumpet creeper winter leaves a lot of how to do

Campsis itself is a deciduous plant. Every winter, a large number of leaves fall off, leaving only the branches. This is a normal phenomenon, so don't worry too much.When the temperature rises next spring, the plant will slowly recover, and new branches and leaves will continue to germinate, blossom and grow.

Campsis grandiflora

2. how does the trumpet creeper spend the winter

1. Reduce watering: When the temperature drops in winter, its growth almost stops, and the water demand decreases, so it is necessary to reduce watering.Usually half a month or even a month watering once on the line, can meet the demand for water.Water is prone to frostbite and may even rot and die.

2, more sunshine: Campsis like the sun, low temperature in winter, light mild, but also to let it more sunshine to do.Should conserve in the place with good light, bask in the sun all day, such processing can increase the temperature of plant oneself, advantageous to hibernate.

3. Stop fertilizing: In winter, the plants enter a dormant state and stop growing. At this time, the nutrients contained in the soil can meet the demand. There is no need to fertilize, which is easy to cause fertilizer damage.

Campsis grandiflora

3. Does Campsis need to be pruned in winter?

Campsis grandiflora needs to be pruned in winter, when it is in a dormant state, pruning will reduce damage, but also save nutrients, which is beneficial to winter.When pruning, cut the long branches short, cut the duplicate branches from the base, and prune the pest branches to promote better growth in the next year.

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