Campsis leaf hair is what reason is yellow, how to do

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-11-16 11:23:35
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1. what is the reason for the yellowing of trumpet creeper leaves

1, watering too much: Campsis likes wet environment, growth can not do without water, but not waterlogging.If frequent watering during the management period, or the amount of watering is too large, it is easy to accumulate water, the root system will rot, and the leaves will show yellowing.

2. Insufficient light: It likes the sun itself and can grow vigorously in an environment with sufficient light.If it is placed in the shade for a long time, it is difficult for the plant to grow normally.Lack of light branches are easy to grow in vain, leaves will turn yellow, but also affect flowering, flowering number will be reduced.

3. Lack of nutrients: The demand for nutrients of Campsis grandiflora is relatively high, especially in the growth season.If there is no timely fertilization, the lack of plant nutrition will also show yellow leaves, and even leaves will dry up and fall.

Campsis grandiflora

2. how to cure the yellow leaves of Campsis grandiflora

1, reduce watering: watering more yellow leaves caused by natural to reduce watering, usually let the plant ventilation, especially after watering.The soil should be moist during the growing season, and it should be noted that the soil should not accumulate water at any time.

2. Bask in the sun more: If there is a lack of light, move the plant to a place with good light and bask in the sun more.Usually in spring, autumn and winter can be exposed to the sun all day, summer appropriate shading on the line, light enough plants will grow vigorously, but also can open more flowers.

Campsis grandiflora

3. Appropriate amount of fertilizer: In the growing season, fertilizer should be supplemented in time, usually once every half a month. The fertilizer should be decomposed organic fertilizer or diluted compound fertilizer, which can be better absorbed by the planting plants and is beneficial to the growth.

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