How does swallow palm leaf send yellow to return a responsibility, how to do?

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Most of its reproduction is carried out in three ways. One is the sowing method. Select the full seeds of the year, first soak in clean water to germinate. Sprinkle it on the soil surface after germination, spray water properly to moisturize, and germinate in about half a month. The second is to use the method of division, cut short the sprouting branches at the root and stem base, and plant them separately after disinfection. 3 It is to use cuttage law, will annual branch, insert in base material after processing, 20 many days can take root.

1. Overwatering

1. Reason: The leaves of Swallow Palm turn yellow probably because the frequency of watering is too high when maintaining it, which makes its root system waterlogged.Root waterlogging can reduce the efficiency of nutrient and water absorption.If the leaves lack nutrients and water, they will turn yellow.

2. Rescue method: At this time, you need to take the plant out of the original pot and shake off the soil on its root system.Then, use scissors to cut off the black and rotten roots, and then plant it in new soil where it is not easy to accumulate water for conservation.

2. Soil hardening

1. Reason: If the swallows' paws are not repotted for a long time, the soil may harden.Its root system will not absorb water and nutrients, and its leaves will become yellow because of insufficient supply of water and nutrients.

2. Rescue method: At this time, it is necessary to change the soil.New soil should be selected with sufficient nutrients and good air permeability.It is suggested to use nutrient soil or culture soil made of humus soil, vegetable garden soil and river sand.

3. too much light

1. Reason: It doesn't like bright light.If it is placed under strong light when it is maintained, its leaves will be sunburned and turn yellow.

2. Rescue method: At this time, cut off the completely yellowed leaves on the plant first.Then put it in a semi-shady and ventilated position for maintenance, and wait for it to grow new leaves slowly.

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