Duckfoot wood leaves off in winter how to do, why leaves off?

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
If you want to grow trumpet creeper quickly, you must first pay attention to the planting time. The time should be selected in spring and autumn, and the climate is more suitable. Then the substrate should be prepared by itself, mixed with vegetable garden soil and humus soil, and added with a proper amount of base fertilizer to improve nutrients. If sowing, the seeds should be full, and the cuttings should be annual strong branches. Finally, we should pay attention to the maintenance method, moisturizing and heat preservation.

1. Raise the temperature

1. Reason: The cold resistance of Schefflera japonica is not very strong.If you don't pay attention to keeping it warm when the temperature is very low in winter, it will cause it to freeze and lose its leaves.

2. Solution: At this time, we should try to raise the temperature around the plant.You can use plastic bags to keep it warm.In addition, if conditions permit, it can be directly moved to a warm environment with a temperature of about 10 C. for curing.

2. Controlled watering

1. Reason: In winter, the growth rate of Duckfoot wood will be greatly reduced, and its water demand will also be greatly reduced, so the frequency of watering should be reduced.If you forget to control water after winter and water it too much, it may lead to the problem of defoliation.

2. Solution: At this time, it is necessary to reduce watering.It is best to water it every 10-15 days to keep the soil slightly wet and dry.So that it can recover slowly.

3. Lack of Sunshine

1. Reason: The sunshine is weak in winter.If it is kept in semi-shade at ordinary times and does not have proper supplementary light after the intensity of sunshine weakens in winter, it may have deciduous growth problems due to lack of sunshine.

2. Solution: If possible, it can be moved to a place with sufficient sunshine to supplement the light.If it is not convenient to move, you can also open a few tables around it to fill the light.

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