What's with the dried Lily leaves?

Walter White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The newly bought Strelitzia reginae needs to check the air permeability of the soil, loosen the soil in time, and check the air and water holes of the flowerpot. It should be placed indoors at 12-25 degrees Celsius for breeding, and the room temperature should not be lower than 5 degrees Celsius for a long time in winter. It is best to place it in the home of the half shade, light long enough for breeding, you can choose the balcony edge. Just buy it back and apply thin fertilizer every 20 days or so.

1. Soil is not suitable

1. Reason: Lily has a high requirement for soil.It likes loose and preferably acidic soil.If the phenomenon of soil caking is serious, or soil alkalization, it may lead to the phenomenon of leaf drying.

2. Measures: If the soil is not suitable to cause the leaves to dry up, the soil should be replaced in time.Loose and acidic soil is selected.It is better to choose sandy soil and mix some peat soil appropriately.

The flowerpot is too small

1. Reason: The growth of Lily needs enough space.If the pot is not changed for a long time, the space of the pot will be insufficient, and the leaves will dry up and fall off.

2. Measures: For this reason, it is necessary to change a larger basin in time.After that, when they are cultured, they need to change pots regularly.Especially when the growth is relatively fast, it is better to change pots once a year.

3. Normal Phenomena

1. Reason: After the flowering period of Lily, the above-ground part of its plant will dry up, and the whole plant will enter the dormant period, so it is normal for the leaves to dry up.

2, measures: Do not need to take special measures, on the cool, well-ventilated location, let it through the dormant period can be.


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