Cyclamen leaves yellow causes, leaves yellow first aid

Marie Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Kirin palm light, just bought back when it needs to be placed in a place with soft light maintenance. It is necessary to stop fertilizing and water properly, once a week on average, so as to keep the potting soil in a dry state. It is not cold-resistant, so put it in a warm and well-ventilated place for a slow pot. Never put it in a place where the temperature is below 7 degrees Celsius, otherwise it will be frozen and grow poorly.

1. Too much light

Reason: During the cultivation of Cyclamen, attention should be paid to the time of good light and the intensity of light.If the light time is too long, the light is too strong, its leaves will be burned, there will be yellow leaves.

First aid method: When the light is strong, you must avoid it, especially the strong light in summer. Move to a semi-shady place in time, ventilate more, and sprinkle water frequently to cool down. Only in this way can you spend the summer safely and avoid the phenomenon of yellow leaves.Leaves have been yellow can not be restored, it is best to cut off the yellow leaves.

2. Improper fertilization

Reason: It needs to be fertilized properly during its growth period. Lack of nutrients or excessive fertilization may lead to yellow leaves.Lack of nutrients will lead to poor growth and yellow leaves.Apply excessive fertilizer or use thick fertilizer, raw fertilizer will burn roots, bring fertilizer damage, appear yellow leaves or leaf curl phenomenon.

First aid measures: If the lack of nutrients should be as soon as possible to deal with fertilizer, it is best to be able to thin fertilizer applied frequently, fertilizer can be diluted first and then applied, so that it can be quickly absorbed.If there are too many fertilizers or improper selection of fertilizers, clean water can be poured to dilute the fertilizer and discharge the fertilizer liquid.

3. Improper watering

Reason: It likes the moist environment, if does not water for a long time, the soil drought will appear dry yellow.But if you water too much and too often, the soil will rot roots and leaves will yellow.

First aid: If you are short of water, quickly replenish water to moisten the soil.If water is accumulated, stop water first, ventilate more, and loosen the soil around the plant to drain water.


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