Causes and Treatment of Yellow Leaves of Calendula officinalis

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Oxalis must be provided with sufficient light, but in summer, appropriate shade is needed to avoid sunburn. The soil should be loose and fertile, with good drainage and permeability, and at the same time, it needs certain fertility. In daily maintenance, watering should be controlled and flooding irrigation should not be carried out, otherwise the breathing of roots will be affected. Regular spraying to prevent disease, and do a good job of weeding.

1. Improper fertilization

1. Reason: If no fertilizer is applied for a long time or insufficient fertilizer is applied during the growth period, the phenomenon of yellow leaves will be caused.When too much fertilizer is applied, calendula is difficult to absorb excessive fertilizer, which will cause root burns and affect the absorption of water and nutrients.

2. Treatment method: Apply fertilizer once a week in summer. Do not apply too much fertilizer.If too much fertilizer is applied, more water can be used to dilute the fertilizer in the soil.Lack of fertilizer will lead to soil compaction, to immediately fertilize, effective within a week, and then fertilize on schedule, so that the normal growth of flowers.

2. Disease and pest damage

1. Reason: The phenomenon of leaf yellowing of calendula is often caused by mosaic disease, and the leaf yellowing will also appear yellow-green mosaic spots.

2. Treatment method: Pay attention to timely prevention of diseases, increase fertilizer and water management, timely spraying and give adequate light and ventilation.

3. Plant water shortage

1. Reason: Calendula officinalis needs sufficient water during its growth. If it is not watered for a long time or is watered too little, the plant will lack water, resulting in drooping and yellowing of the leaves.

2. Treatment method: At this time, spray water to the leaves immediately, and then water in the basin. Pay attention to step by step when watering, and do not water too much at one time.

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