Causes and Treatment of Yellow Leaves of Goldfish Chlorophytum comosum

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
If you want to live through the winter safely, you must pay attention to cold prevention and avoid frostbite. At the same time, it should be fully exposed to light, which can also raise the ambient temperature. In addition, although the plant likes humid climate, but the winter temperature drops, the plant's demand for water is reduced, do not water too much, can not fertilize it. Because the winter in the south is not too cold, it can also be placed outdoors for winter.

1. Unsuitable temperature

1. Reason: The goldfish bracketplant is higher to the temperature request, the yellow leaf and falls the leaf the phenomenon to occur in the intense heat and the severe cold season.This is a stress response to the external environment.

2. Treatment: should be moved to a suitable environment, while regulation of plant temperature around, to 18 -22 between the appropriate.

2. Too Dry

1. Reason: The goldfish bracketplant is higher to the air humidity request, both cannot the long-term moist seeper and cannot the drought be excessive.Water accumulation and drought not only yellow leaves and deciduous leaves, but also root problems.

2. How to deal with it: Transfer it to a place with a slightly higher humidity.It is best to be able to feel a little humid, the air dry season also needs to spray foliar water frequently.

3. Overwatering

1. Reason: Although the goldfish bracketplant likes the humidity big environment, but if waters excessively, in the basin produces seeper, injures the root system, then has the possibility to cause the leaf to turn yellow.

2. Treatment: appropriate watering, not too many times.At ordinary times, the soil can be kept moist properly.It doesn't matter if the pot soil is dry, but there should be no water.

Goldfish chlorophytum

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