Causes and Treatment of Yellow Leaves of Daphne odora Thunb

Mike Ehrmantraut
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Vanilla vine leaf loss is usually due to a maintenance procedure. If it is caused by lack of light, it needs to be placed in the sun, so that it can be fully exposed to light. If it is caused by too much fertilization, it is necessary to wash the pot soil with clean water, wash away the residual fertilizer, and pay attention to dilution before fertilization. If it is caused by insufficient water, it needs to be replenished in time. If the temperature is not suitable, the temperature needs to be controlled between 20-30 degrees Celsius.

1. too much light

1. Reason: Do not tolerate strong light, if the plant is exposed to strong light for a long time, slightly do not pay attention to the leaves will be yellow, scorched, serious points will be directly sunned to death.

2. Treatment: should be placed in the Phnom Penh Daphne in a cool and ventilated place conservation, do not let the plant was direct sunlight to the more moderate in the morning and evening sun can be.

2. Temperature too low

1. Reason: the temperature is too low will make the Daphne odora stop growing, into the dormant state.When the temperature is below 5 C, the plant is easy to be frostbitten, and the leaves will turn yellow and fall.

2. Treatment method: It should be moved indoors, placed in a sunny place for maintenance, the room temperature is maintained at more than 5 , or covered with plastic film for cold protection.

3. Overwatering

1. Reason: The Phnom Penh Daphne is the fleshy root type plant, the root system is easy to rot in the moisture content big soil.Therefore, ordinary watering too much, or watering too frequently, are easy to cause plants due to root rot and leaf yellowing.

2. Treatment: Stop watering immediately. If the root system is rotten, remove the plant from the pot immediately, prune off the rotten root system, and then plant it in a new sterilized pot soil.

Daphne odora var. marginata

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