Causes and Treatment of Yellow Leaves of Sansevieria trifasciata

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Araucaria cultivation must use loose fertile soil, usually with loam, humus and coarse sand mixed preparation, the ratio of the three is 3:1:1. Usually put it in the shade, let it receive scattered light, avoid the plant being exposed to the sun. Daily maintenance, watering must be diligent, growth period to irrigate 2-3 times a week, in addition to proper fertilization after germination of new buds, fertilizer with decomposed liquid fertilizer. In order to control its height, when it grows to 1-2 meters, it needs to be topped.

1. Too much light

1. Reason: If the Phnom Penh tiger orchid in a long time in the sun exposure, the leaves will be sunburned, gradually turning yellow, and become dry and no vitality.

2. Solution: At this time to timely shade, do not let it be long-term exposure to the environment, dry weather can be appropriate to spray some water.

2. Improper fertilization

1. Reason: If grasps applies the fertilizer quantity not well, often excessively applies the fertilizer or applies the fertilizer quantity to be few, for a long time can cause its leaf to turn yellow.

2. Solution: If you use too much fertilizer, you need to wash away the accumulated fertilizer in the soil, and if you use too little fertilizer, you need to increase the frequency of fertilization.Usually appropriate fertilization, not too much or too little, usually as long as once a month.If it is in the growth period, it can be increased appropriately.

3. Improper watering

1. Reason: If you water too much water will appear, hurt the root system, the amount will be less lack of nutrients, watering too much or insufficient will lead to yellow leaves.

2. Solution: If you overwater, take the plant out of the pot, cut off the rotten roots, replant and stop watering.If you water too little, you need to increase the frequency of watering.When maintaining, ensure that the soil is moist and wait until the soil is dry before watering..

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