How does Lily bamboo leaf send yellow to fall to return a responsibility, how to do?

Hank Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
There are many reasons for the green leaves of watercress, which may be caused by soil discomfort, and loose and breathable soil should be provided in time. It may also be caused by low temperature, so we need to do a good job of keeping warm and keep the temperature above 10 C. It may also be caused by more moisture and wet soil, need to water by observing the soil conditions, found that excessive water should be discharged in time, or may be caused by pests and diseases, the leaves will be removed in time, strengthen good ventilation, morbidity should be timely spraying.

1. Environmental mutation

Reason: It has certain requirements for the environment in which it normally grows. If the environment suddenly changes, the plant will have yellow leaves if it cannot adapt to it.

Solution: If necessary, when you want to move the Lily bamboo, you should provide it with an environment similar to the original environment, and then adjust it slowly in the later period, so as to give it an adaptation process and improve the yellow leaf phenomenon.

2. Improper watering

Reason: During the maintenance period, whether it is too much or too little watering, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of yellow leaves, so that the plant will lose green, and the leaves will easily turn yellow and fall down for a long time.

Solution: Water less as soon as possible to make the soil moist.If you water more, stop the water first, and ventilate more, and evaporate the water in the sun.Late watering can be done when the soil is dry, not water on the line.

3. Improper lighting

Reason: It is more like the sun, but can not expose to strong light.If they are often exposed to the hot sun, they will naturally get sunburned and their leaves will turn yellow.But attention can not always be placed in the shade, otherwise it will yellow leaves.

Solution: Maintenance should be placed in a place with dim light, that is, to receive more scattered light, so that plants can grow vigorously.In addition, pay attention to the hot summer sun must be avoided.

Lily Bamboo

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