pothos leaf hair is what reason is yellow, how remedy?

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
To make Olivia pop, first provide enough light, which is necessary for the growth of the plant, and also control the temperature, keep the temperature between 10-28 degrees Celsius, too hot or too cold will make it grow slowly. Because of its strong drought tolerance, the demand for water is not high, so it can not be watered too much. During the growing period, a little fertilizer can be supplemented, and a special fertilizer for meat can be applied once a month.

1. strong light

Scindapsus aureus is suitable for growing in semi-shade environment. If it is exposed to direct light for a long time, the leaves will be easily sunburned, and the evaporation rate will become faster, which will lead to yellow leaves.Usually put it in a place where there is scattered light, not in the sunny place.If the light is strong, it needs to be properly shaded, and at the same time pay attention to cooling.

2. Water deficiency

Scindapsus aureus prefers a moist environment. If it does not get enough water during its growth, its leaves will turn yellow and dry up.In this case, timely watering is needed to keep the soil moist.Especially in summer, the temperature is high, every day to pour 1-2 times, in addition to appropriate water spray, improve air humidity.

3. lack of nutrients

The growth of green radish needs proper nutrients, if the nutrients are insufficient, the plant will also grow poorly, resulting in yellow leaves.During the growth period of the plant, the liquid fertilizer can be applied every 15 days.After winter, because the temperature is too low, the plant stops growing, so it is necessary to stop fertilization.Foliar fertilizer can be sprayed on the leaves to allow the upper stomata of the leaves to absorb nutrients.

Green dill

4. The temperature is too low

The green radish originally grows in a warm place, and the low temperature is not conducive to its growth, and it is likely to cause the leaves to turn yellow after being frostbitten.In winter, the temperature must be kept above 10 C, at least 20 C, so that the plants can grow normally.But to avoid excessive temperature difference, otherwise it will affect its development, do not let it close to heating equipment.

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