Hydroponic daffodil is rotten the reason of the root, how to handle?

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Check whether the crocus bulbs are mildewed or not, if not, prepare loose and fertile nutrient soil, place the crocus bulbs with the roots down and the buds up on the soil surface, cover the soil with a thickness of 5 cm, water thoroughly and place them in a scattered and ventilated place. After the crocus germinates, the potted plant is moved to the south balcony to bask in the sun, weighing the potted soil at ordinary times, feeling obviously lighter, watered thoroughly, thin fertilizer applied diligently, until the crocus blossoms.

1. Causes of Root Rot

1. Do not change water for a long time: When the daffodils are raised in water, the water quality must be kept clean. If the water quality is not clean, or the water is not changed for a long time, it will cause a lot of impurities in the water, which will damage the roots, pollute the roots of the daffodils, and cause the roots to rot.

2. Too much nutrient solution: When hydroponic daffodils are cultivated, it is necessary to properly drip the nutrient solution. However, once too much nutrient solution is dripped, the roots will be unable to bear, causing fertilizer damage. If the nutrient solution is not controlled, the roots will rot.

3. Too high temperature: Narcissus likes cool climate environment and can't stand high temperature. When the temperature in the growing environment is too high, it will easily cause root rot.

2. How to deal with

1. Remove rotten roots: After finding signs of rotten roots of daffodils, you need to take the plants out of the container, prepare a sharp knife, cut off the rotten roots, leaving only healthy roots, and then put them in a cool place to dry.

2. Re-hydroponics: You can re-hydroponics if the roots are well treated. The water quality should be well selected. You can use the tap water that has been aired.


3. Change water regularly: After hydroponics, pay attention to the later maintenance, change water regularly to keep the water clean, add nutrient solution reasonably, pay attention to the concentration, and keep the surrounding temperature at about 10-15 .

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