The smooth sailing root that water raises rotted what reason, how is rotten root handled?

Jesse Pinkman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The most commonly used method of reproduction is cutting method, the method is very simple, and the survival rate is high. How long it takes to take root after cutting depends on the specific method and management after cutting. They usually take root and survive between two weeks and three weeks. It is recommended to insert in spring and autumn, the climate is more suitable, and it is also beneficial to rooting. In addition, robust leaves should be selected and breathable and loose substrates should be prepared.

1. Poor water quality

Reason: Smooth sailing in water culture has requirements for water quality. If the water is not changed for a long time, the water quality will become muddy and unclean. Smooth sailing growing in such water quality for a long time may cause the roots to rot.

Treatment method: Pay attention to change water regularly during maintenance at ordinary times, and keep the water clean.If rotten roots are found, the plant can be taken out of the container, the rotten roots can be cut off and sterilized in carbendazim solution.Clean the container, replace it with new water, and then re-cultivate it.

Root hypoxia

Reason: If the water level is relatively high, the roots will be completely immersed in the water, resulting in root hypoxia, which will also lead to root rot.

Treatment method: The amount of water added should be moderate, and the water level should not be too high.In addition to cutting off the rotten roots, it is necessary to pour a little water out of the container to expose part of the roots so that the roots can contact the air.

3. Low temperature

Reason: Smooth sailing can not stand the cold climate, if the temperature is relatively low, the growth situation has problems, will also lead to root rot.

Treatment method: If the surrounding temperature is relatively low, it is necessary to move the plant indoors and keep the temperature above 10 degrees to prevent root rot.When rotten roots appear, the rotten parts are cut off and placed in a warm environment.

Smooth sailing

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