Clivia how to deal with rotten heart, how to deal with rotten roots?

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Fertilization for Clivia is carried out in the growth period, usually once every 10 days, mainly nitrogen fertilizer. Before flowering, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are used in order to promote flower bud differentiation and better flowering. Fertilization should be stopped in summer, otherwise there will be fertilizer damage. Maintenance is to use breathable flower soil, the temperature can not be higher than 30 C, but also can not be exposed to the sun.

1. how to deal with the rotten heart of Clivia

1. Pruning: If the clivia is rotten, it should be pruned first.First of all, all the rotten leaves on it should be cut off.If the situation is more serious, you can cut off the whole side of the leaves.

2. Disinfect: After trimming, disinfect the cut.Carbendazim or chlorothalonil solution with low concentration can be selected as disinfectant.Oaking the cut of the plant in the disinfectant for about 15-20 minutes.In addition, if there are carbendazim powders, they can also be directly applied to the scissors to disinfect.

3. Cleaning: After disinfection, the plant should be put in a place with better ventilation conditions to dry and cut.Then, keep it ventilated, warm, and properly shaded, water control, to allow it to resume growth.

2. How to deal with the rotten roots of Clivia miniata

1, off the pot pruning: If the Clivia root rot, it needs to be from the original pot flower soil out.Wash the soil attached to the roots with clean water, and cut off the rotten roots with sharp scissors.If there are yellow and rotten leaves on the plant, they need to be cut off together.

2. Disinfection: After pruning the rotten roots, disinfection is also needed.Place the plant, bottom down, in a pot with the carbendazim solution so that its roots are below the disinfectant.After 20 minutes, take it out and put it by the window to dry.

3. Replant: Take out and throw away the remaining flower soil in the flowerpot, and wash the flowerpot.Then prepare some soil with good drainage and air permeability into pots, and then plant the air-dried plants into them, and slowly maintain them.

Clivia miniata

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