How to remedy the rotten roots of money trees? Is it OK if the rotten roots don't change the soil?

Jane Margolis
2020-11-16 11:23:35
The difference between pepper wood and fragrant wood is very big, and it is best to distinguish them by observing the leaves of the plants. First of all, the leaves of pepper wood are odd, there is only one leaf at the top of the branch, the leaves of fragrant wood are even, there are two opposite leaves at the top of the branch, and the leaves of fragrant wood are larger than those of pepper wood. Secondly, the leaves on the top of the branches of fragrant wood will turn red under sufficient light conditions, while pepper wood will not.

1. Loosening and depotting

After the root rot of the money tree, the first thing to do is to take the plant out of the pot.Loose the soil along the inner wall of the flowerpot, make sure that the soil ball at the root of the plant is separated from the pot wall, then hold the soil ball and slowly take it out of the pot, during which do not touch the soil ball, so as not to hurt the root and further damage the health of the plant.

2. Root washing and pruning

After the money tree is taken out of the pot, it needs to be put into a pot filled with clean water, so that the soil at the root can fully absorb water and wash away the fine soil adhered to it.Then check the condition of the roots, if there is decay, it needs to be cut off as soon as possible, and apply plant ash to the wound, so as not to infect the bacteria, leading to deterioration of the situation.

3. Preparation of Pot Soil

In order to ensure that the money tree can grow well, the potting soil must be well prepared.This plant likes loose and fertile substrate, but in order to avoid damage to new roots, it usually uses plain soil or sand to maintain good drainage and ventilation.If the soil has a certain fertility, it may cause damage to the young roots.

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4. Pot Curing

When the wound on the tree is dry, it is ready for potting.Put it upright in a new pot and fill it with prepared soil.In the process of filling, plants should be lifted from time to time to make the roots and soil more closely attached.Don't water immediately after potting, put it in the shade, you can spray water properly to increase the humidity of the environment.

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