Hyacinth root moldy how to do, still can live?

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Garden soil is a common soil, which refers to the soil planted with flowers and vegetables before, also known as vegetable garden soil, pastoral soil, usually from gardens, vegetable gardens, orchards and other places. Garden soil has advantages and disadvantages, the advantage is that it contains a lot of humus, soil fertility is high, the disadvantage is that the dryness and wetness of garden soil is not good, when the soil is dry, it is easy to harden, so that the soil becomes hard, when wet, it will make the soil airtight, may lead to root rot of flower plants.

1. hyacinth root moldy how to do

Hyacinth bulbs are moldy and need to be cleaned up and replanted.

1. Wear gloves: When handling hyacinth seed balls, be sure to wear gloves. Never use your hands to directly contact the juice and mold on the hyacinth seed balls. Otherwise, it will cause itching, redness and swelling of the skin, and some allergic reactions.

2. Seed ball cutting: After wearing gloves, prepare a clean knife, hold the hyacinth seed ball with one hand, and cut off the mildewed part of the seed ball with the other hand until the exposed part turns white and there is no mildew.

3. Airing the seed balls: Put the cut seed balls in a cool and ventilated place with the cut upward for 2 days until the fresh cut is completely air-dried, and then re-culture the seed balls in water or re-plant them in a pot in moist soil.

2. hyacinth root moldy can still live?

Whether hyacinth roots can survive after mildew depends on how big the mildew is.

1. The root disc is completely rotten: If the whole hyacinth seed ball is so rotten that all the root discs need to be cut off, then it has no possibility of further treatment, and can be given up directly, and will not live again.


2. The root disc is in good condition: If the whole hyacinth seed ball is cut off completely, and there is still a good root disc, even if there is only 1/2 or 1/3 of the root disc left, it can still live and grow flowers if it is treated according to the above method.


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