Why the leaves of lily turn yellow and how to remedy?

Skyler White
2020-11-16 11:23:35
If you want to make periwinkle blossom more, you should pay attention to the pot soil, use the nutrient-rich ones with good drainage performance, and apply fertilizer in time to ensure sufficient nutrients in the later stage of growth. It likes light, but also bask in the sun more at ordinary times, enough light can not only promote flowers, but also avoid excessive growth. In addition, the temperature environment should also be appropriate, temperature control between 22-30 degrees is the best, not cold-resistant, winter temperature control, heat preservation can not only avoid frostbite, but also promote later growth more prosperous, more flowering.

1. Plant diseases and insect pests

Reason: If the Lily is not well maintained in the growth, it may cause the plant to be infected with diseases or pests, which will cause problems in the growth of the plant and cause the leaves to turn yellow.

solution: Usually maintains in strengthens ventilates, promotes the air the normal circulation, after appears the plant diseases and insect pests, must cut off the morbidity leaf, after sprays on the medicine to treat.

2. Improper watering

Reason: If the Lily is not watered for a long time, the water in the pot soil is insufficient, and the old leaves will turn yellow from bottom to top.Once you water too often, the problem of rotten roots will appear, and the young leaves will turn yellow.

Solution: If you find that the plant is short of water, you need to immediately water the right amount of water to make the plant absorb water through osmosis.If you water too much, you should control the moisture in time.

3. Improper fertilization

Reason: Too little fertilization or too little frequency of fertilization will make the plant lack of nutrients, causing the plant to grow weak, and then promote the leaves to yellow.If too much fertilizer is used, it will also lead to burning roots and yellow leaves.

Solution: Fertilization should be balanced, if fertilization is too little, regular fertilization should be applied, and reasonable fertilization should be given to maintain normal growth.Fertilization should be suspended when fertilizer damage occurs, and fertilizer effect should be diluted by proper watering.


4. Soil hardening

Reason: The Lily grows in the comparison taboo soil compaction seeper, the root system long time breath is impeded, can create the leaf blade to turn yellow withers.

Solution: Provide suitable soil for the growth of lilies, and keep the soil loose, ventilated and drained.

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