How does evergreen leaf send yellow to treat, how to let a leaf turn green?

Marie Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
There are two ways to propagate money tree, one is cutting propagation, the other is division propagation. Cuttings are mostly carried out in spring and autumn, cutting leaves or leaf axes, inserting them into sandy soil, with a depth of about one third, and spraying water appropriately. Plant division is usually carried out in spring, combined with repotting, after the plant is removed from the pot, the old soil above is shaken off, separated from the tuber joint, and re-planted after smearing plant ash on the wound.

1. Raise the temperature

Reason: Evergreen likes warmth and cannot stand the cold climate. In winter, if the temperature of evergreen growth is lower than 5 degrees Celsius for a long time, there will be freezing injury, which will cause the leaves to turn yellow.

Solution: Measures should be taken to keep warm in winter. If you are found to be frostbitten in winter, you need to move to a warm place indoors in time. The temperature should be kept above 10 degrees Celsius to promote the recovery of branches and leaves.It can not make the yellowed leaves turn green, but it can prevent the back branches and leaves from yellowing again.

2. Reasonable visibility

Reason: Evergreen likes to grow in a semi-shady place. Once it is exposed to the strong light in summer, it will cause the leaves to be scorched and turn yellow.

Solution: In summer, special attention should be paid to sun protection and shade, and after strong light irradiation, move to the shade in time.

3. reduce watering

Reason: Evergreen is a fleshy root, once watered too much, it will produce water in the pot, resulting in rotten roots and yellow leaves.

Solution: Usually pay attention to the right amount of watering, watering too much, then stop to water, promote the drainage of water in the basin.

Rohdea japonica

4. Adjustment of Fertilization

Reason: Fertilizer too much too thick, will cause the root to bear, cause fertilizer rot root, cause the leaves yellow.

Solution: Apply thin fertilizer regularly. If the fertilizer is too thick, water it to dilute it.

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