What reason is scindapsus leaves nigrescent?

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
White palm is afraid of freezing, keep the temperature above 10 C in winter, if the temperature is low, water less, wait for the soil to be nearly dry and then water, if the indoor heating temperature is high, you can observe the soil surface whitening and water thoroughly. White palm likes half shade, but the light intensity in winter is not large, it can be sunned all day, which is conducive to the accumulation of nutrients, crazy growth and flowering. In winter, we should also pay attention to not fertilizing, and open windows frequently when the temperature is high at noon.

1. Reasons for blackening of leaves

1, the light is too strong: green radish is not sun-resistant, especially in the summer of the strong light exposure.If placed in a place with direct light, the leaves will be sunburned for a long time, and black spots will appear on the leaf surface, gradually spreading throughout the leaf.

2. Temperature discomfort: Its growth has certain requirements for the environment, and it is not resistant to high temperature or cold.If the temperature is not controlled at high temperature in summer or low temperature in winter, the plant will be damaged, and the phenomenon of yellow leaves and black leaves will easily occur.

3. Infected with plant diseases and insect pests: If the environment provided during the management period is not suitable, such as the environment with high temperature, high humidity and poor air permeability, it is easy to be infected with plant diseases and insect pests, which will hinder the growth of the whole plant and cause various poor growth phenomena, and the plant will die in serious cases.

2. Methods of treatment

No matter what kind of reason causes the phenomenon of blackening of leaves, treatment should be carried out as soon as possible to avoid further deterioration.If the light is too strong sunburn, should be moved to the shade, and frequently spray moisturizing, so slowly can be restored.If the temperature is not suitable, pay attention to the later summer and winter must control the temperature.Summer should be more ventilated and cooled, winter should be moved indoors, temperature control above 10 degrees.If infected with pests and diseases, to remove the diseased leaves as soon as possible, but also spray fungicide sterilization, to avoid infection.In addition, the maintenance environment should be changed in the later period.

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