deliciosa leaves soft droop how to do?

Marie Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
White palm hydroponics, to be placed in the indoor light bright astigmatism, to ensure that the maintenance temperature above 10 ℃, usually observe the muddy water for water, water less timely water, keep the water level not more than half of the white palm root system. Every time the water is changed, less than 2-3 drops of nutrient solution are added to the water to provide nutrients for the white palm and promote the growth and flowering of the plant, but the fertilization can not be excessive, otherwise the white palm is easy to rot.

1. Soil Replacement

Reason: After several years of conservation, the turtleback bamboo will cause the soil to harden, the nutrients inside will run off, and the space of the flowerpot will become smaller and not suitable for growth, which will affect the normal growth and cause the leaves to become soft and drooping.

Solution: After one or two years of cultivation, it is necessary to change a larger flowerpot, which can provide a larger growth space, ensure the normal growth of the root system, prepare suitable new soil, and provide new nutrients to maintain the growth needs in the later period.

2. Reasonable visibility

Reason: This kind of plant can't stand strong light. If it is accidentally exposed to direct sunlight, it will cause water loss, causing the leaves to soften and naturally hang down.

Solution: Raise turtle back bamboo in a bright place, avoid strong direct light in summer, reasonable contact with soft astigmatism.

3. Adjust watering

Reason: Unreasonable watering can also cause the leaves to be soft and drooping. Long time without watering will cause the potting soil to be dry, the color of the leaves will become dark, and the leaves will be soft.

Solution: When the potted soil is found to be dry and short of water, it is necessary to water the plant in time to meet the water demand of the plant.Watering should be moderate, if there is water accumulation, it is necessary to promote the drainage of water along the holes.

Turtle Back Bamboo

4. Controlled fertilization

Reason: Turtle back bamboo does not tolerate thick fertilizer, too much fertilizer will cause fertilizer damage, resulting in soft leaves.

Solution: Usually pay attention to good control fertilization, once too much fertilization should be timely watering dilution.

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