Why are the leaves of Zygocactus Red?

Saul Goodman
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Rubber trees are afraid of freezing, the maintenance temperature in winter can not be lower than 5 C, usually more sunshine, which can not only improve the local temperature of maintenance, but also help rubber trees accumulate nutrients. Indoor temperature is low, but also pay attention to water control, usually keep the soil dry, such as soil close to dry and then watering, watering at noon when the temperature is high, do not apply fertilizer. Attention should also be paid to the maintenance of environmental ventilation, but to avoid the invasion of cold wind.

1. Root rot

Reason: Proper watering and fertilization are required in the maintenance process of Zygocactus indica. Once the proper dosage is not paid attention to, the root will rot, affecting the transport function. It is difficult to supply water and nutrients, and the leaves will become red.

Solution: Usually pay attention to the control of watering and fertilization, dig out the plant to check the roots, cut off the rotten roots, and re-cultivate and maintain.

2. the soil is alkaline

Reason: If the soil is not changed for a long time, the soil will be alkaline, and the growth of the plant will be affected, resulting in red leaves.

Solution: If you find that the soil can't be dealt with, you need to change the soil in time and replace it with loose acid soil.

3. Low temperature

Reason: If the leaves appear red in winter, it is likely to be frostbite.

Solution: In winter, we should pay attention to keeping warm, not too cold, and the surrounding growth temperature should be kept at about 10 degrees.

4. Improper lighting

Reason: If it is kept in a place with strong light, the leaves will turn red under the exposure to the sun. Not only the exposure to the sun, but also the long-term absence of the sun and the dark state will cause the leaves to turn red.

Solution: It is necessary to control the illumination during maintenance. When there is a lack of sunlight, it is necessary to see the light in time. When the light is too strong, it is necessary to take shading measures.

5. Lack of nutrients

Reason: Long-term non-fertilization will also cause nutrient loss, especially the lack of phosphate fertilizer, which will lead to red leaves.

Solution: It is necessary to supplement phosphate fertilizer in time according to the needs of growth to meet the needs of nutrients.

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