Narcissus leaves yellow how to return a responsibility, leaves yellow how to deal with?

Hank Schrader
2020-11-16 11:23:35
Camellia is a plant that likes to be wet, so water it regularly, but also control the amount of water. Usually in summer, watering should be carried out in the morning or evening, not at noon, otherwise the water is easy to evaporate, resulting in a drop in ground temperature. In winter, because of the cold climate, it is more suitable for noon irrigation. If you water too much, you need to discharge the water in time, loosen the soil properly and keep good ventilation.

1. water and soil are not suitable

Reason: Daffodils can be cultivated in water or soil. If the water or soil used for cultivation is not suitable, it may cause the leaves to turn yellow.

Treatment method: Select appropriate water quality or soil for cultivation and maintenance. The water quality can be slightly acidic water, or tap water can be taken out and used for water culture after standing for a period of time.The soil can choose loose and fertile acid soil, and the soil should be changed for one or two years.

2. Improper temperature

Reason: Temperature is also a very important point in maintenance. If the temperature is on the high side for a long time, it will cause the leaves to become withered and yellow.If the temperature is low for a long time, the daffodils will be frostbitten and the leaves will turn yellow.

Treatment method: Keep the temperature well, try to keep the temperature at about 15-20 degrees, shade and cool down in summer, and pay attention to keeping out the cold in winter.

3. Improper lighting

Reason: Narcissus growth requires adequate astigmatism, long-term lack of sunlight, will lead to nutrient synthesis can not, long-term down leaves will be yellow.When the light is too strong, the leaves will be burned and yellow.

Treatment: Give daffodils enough astigmatism, when the summer is exposed to the sun, the need to move to the shade in time.


4. Infected by plant diseases and insect pests

Reason: If you are infected with pests and diseases during maintenance, it may also cause the leaves to turn yellow.

Treatment method: Strengthen ventilation to prevent the occurrence of plant diseases and insect pests at ordinary times, and spray drugs for treatment according to the symptoms after occurrence.

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